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Lucky Cats of Kinston



Kim Williams

LCK Community Director

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Some of the Lucky Cats in Kinston

Let's work together.

Like countless other communities across the country, Kinston has an overpopulation of cats. Within the city limits and throughout the county, hundreds of outdoor cats exist in colonies. Largely the result of neglect and abandonment, these colonies grow as the cats reproduce. In the past, cats like these would have been trapped and most likely killed, as feral cats are generally not adoptable. But in August of 2018, the town of Kinston took a monumental step towards safeguarding the wellbeing of its feline friends.

These cats are now getting a second chance thanks to concerned citizens and outreach and assistance from the Lake Norman Lucky Cat Program, a trap-neuter-return-manage (TNR) non-profit program based near Charlotte, NC.

Kim Williams of Kinston, is leading the new initiative called, the “Lucky Cats of Kinston,” as the local Community Director for the Lucky Cat Program. Kim was previously on the Lenoir County SPCA board of directors and has been a TNR advocate for many years.

“This isn’t a problem that started overnight and it won’t be fixed overnight,” Kim said.  “Sadly, this is a direct result of irresponsible pet owners abandoning their cats and kittens, or not getting their pet cats spayed or neutered. This project is bigger than me, larger than what I can do alone. Our most urgent need is volunteers to help feed and trap. We need volunteers to build feeding stations and housing, and many other needs.” 

The Lucky Cats of Kinston program hopes to facilitate the TNRM program throughout Lenoir County as a resource to help citizens with stray and feral cats, just as the Lake Norman Lucky Cat program has done for their region. 

If you have found yourself or your neighborhood surrounded by stray and feral cats and you need help but aren’t sure how to proceed, we can help! If you live in Lenoir County or near Kinston, contact LCK at or visit our Facebook page to send a message.

We would love to see more programs like Lucky Cats of Kinston in other communities around the country. All we need are willing volunteers to help get the programs started. Contact Lucky Cats today to see how you can make a difference in the lives of community cats!

Part of TNR is finding homes for kittens that have been abandoned by their mother or who are young enough to be socialized and removed from the outdoor colony life. We have some amazing kittens available for adoption. See who is looking for their forever homes!

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