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13 Days Remaining, “Creamy Cream” and Lucky Cats Need YOU!

The calls that we receive for help daily are heartbreaking and sometimes truly overwhelming, but we try our best to help anyone who has a community cat need. As we wrap up our Lucky Cats Annual Call for Care in 13 days, we hope you will remember us in your end-of-year giving. We have more calls for help than ever before, but unfortunately, our donations have not been keeping pace with the needs for community cats. We can’t say it any other way, we need you! Please donate, bid on auction items, or enter our raffle - ALL proceeds go to pay the medical expenses for TNR and emergency expenses for community cats such as Grover and so many other cats in need, like “Cream Cream.”

Creamy Cream is an amazing Lucky Cat who recently had a very unlucky incident. Creamy Cream's caretaker reached out with an emergency call to Lucky Cats to help this sweet boy. She reported Creamy Cream had transitioned from a feral cat to a very sweet boy since his TNR day and has enjoyed using the cat door to spend evenings on the caretaker's screened porch. Unfortunately, a raccoon found their way onto the screened porch too, and recently viciously attacked Creamy Cream. His injuries were devastating. Originally it was thought he would need surgery to remove his eye, but thankfully due to incredible love and care, he is recovering well and is expected to make a full recovery.

Here's a video of Creamy Cream in recovery, you can see his progress and hear his purrs as he's loved by his caretaker.

Without Lucky Cat’s intervention, Creamy Cream would have been euthanized as there are no other funding alternatives for medical help for community cats. Now those bills are coming due, and we hope we can count on your generosity to help us pay these expenses and to help us replenish our funds so we can help even more in 2024.

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