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An Angel Gift for Ashley?

Often helping a community cat become a Lucky Cat is pretty simple, we trap, fix, and care for them and their life is changed forever as a Lucky Cat. But sometimes, a reversal of fortune isn’t so simple.

Ashley’s fate hasn’t been that simple. You may remember her from our Fall Call for Care announcement. She was a tiny, soft gray kitten we removed from a feeding but not fixing situation in Mooresville. Someone had been feeding neighborhood cats, but then moved and left the cats and kittens to fend for themselves. A concerned neighbor called Lucky Cats for help, and we stepped up and provided TNR and removed the kittens. Once little Ashley was in her foster home, her foster mom noticed she was continually shaking her head, scratching her ear, and not responding to sounds as expected.

We learned little Ashley had an ear polyp and needed more medical attention and care than most. Thanks to her incredibly dedicated foster mom, Ashley’s life greatly improved, but unfortunately, she’s required more than six vet visits to date. On her most recent visit, we learned Ashley now faces euthanasia or one final expensive and invasive surgery to correct her ear issues once and for all.

This is a decision we never take lightly as our mission is to spay/neuter as many cats as possible, and justifying an expensive surgery to save one life is very hard. However, in the case of Ashley, it was her foster mom’s words that shone the light on our path for this special kitty. She shared, “Ashley’s so full of life and beautiful to boot! She’s very social, energetic, and a total sweetheart. She loves playing with the dogs, watching TV, sitting on laps, and zooming around the house. Ashley wants to be everywhere you are and is going to be an incredible cat in her forever home someday.”

Thanks to our veterinarian partner we were able to secure her surgery at the reduced rate of $1500 to fund her procedure called a Ventral Bulla Osteotomy

This holiday season, can you add one more gift to your list? Please help us make a Christmas miracle and let’s save Ashley together. Any amount is greatly appreciated, please be an angel for Ashley and donate today.

We can do this! Thank you to all our angels out there, we're so grateful for your support.

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