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An Unplanned Parting Leaves Loved Kitties Homeless

Sammie, Pint, Grace, and Sara did not know when their beloved ‘mom' fell it would be the last time they would ever see each other again. Ms. Betty, in her eighties, was taken to the hospital after a fall and transferred to a rehabilitation facility. Estate sellers began packing up her home preparing for her move to an assisted living facility, leaving the kitties wondering what in the world was happening to the only home they ever knew. Ms. Betty was equally concerned about the future for her beloved cats. How were they? What would happen to them? After all, the three girls, thought to be sisters, had spent eleven and a half years together with Ms. Betty and been very well cared for indoor kitties. Sammie was a bit younger, just about to turn 10 years old. Ms. Betty never felt lonely because the cats were such good companions for her.

Lucky Cats learned of the situation from the real estate broker who was listing Ms. Betty's home for sale. She had come to know and care about Ms. Betty and wanted to help find the cats their new home(s) to care for and love them as Ms. Betty had. Ms. Betty’s neighbor was going over to care for the kitties and decided to take Sara home with her as a reminder of the dear friend she too would never see again. She already had one cat and could only take one. That left Sammie, Pint and Grace with nowhere to go, so Lucky Cats reached out to one of our rescue partners, Animal Adoption League for help. A foster home was found and the three kitties were moved into foster care, however, this was only a temporary solution, and permanent homes are desperately needed. Lucky Cats' suggested that each of the cats have something of Ms. Betty’s that would have her scent on it, something that might soothe them with all the commotion surrounding them. With that suggestion, a blanket from Ms. Betty's bed was cut into four pieces for each cat to have a bit of home as they went into foster care.

All three cats are bonded and would love to find a home they can remain together, but if they need to be separated in order to be adopted that is also an option. Sammie is neutered and the girls, Grace and Pint are spayed. All are up to date on rabies vaccinations with FVRCP (distemper) due in March, 2022. Here is a little more about each of these special cats:

  • Sammie - Will be 10 years old in March. Vet says he appears to be a purebred, classic Seal Point Siamese, but we have no papers on him so we can’t really make that claim on his behalf, just passing along what the vet said. Sammie does have a cataract and may require a tooth extraction at some point in the future. If two kitties were going to go together, we think it should be Sammie and Grace as they seem from what we have seen to be the most bonded.

  • Grace - Dilute Torti/Tabby, you'll be awed by her spunk at the age of 11 1/2 years old. She loves cuddles with the majestic Sammie, and prefers a queen size bed and a little catnip on the side if you please.

  • Pint - aka ‘Baby Kitty”, A yellow-orange ball of sunshine, she purrs as she stares out the window, perhaps looking for her mom or maybe she realizes she must now adapt to a new family, one she can grow old with and wonders where they might be. According to the vet, the stress of her world being turned upside down is taking a toll on Pint and causing her to lose her fur so again, the sooner we could get these babies settled with plenty of attention, the better! Pint is the most purrr-sonable and we think if the kitties have to be separated, she might do the best on her own.

Senior cats come with built-in benefits such as, they don’t climb curtains, trip you up when the zoomies strike, and they can sleep all night right next to you without feeling the need to play. They are calmer and love taking it easy, whiling away their days sitting at the window watching birds, or raindrops fall, eating a little, sleeping a lot, and just being good companions. You can tell them almost anything and they won’t repeat it and they don’t talk back either…well not much!

If you’re willing to open your heart and home for one or more of Ms. Betty’s cats, we’d love to hear from you. Come for a meet and greet and let’s get a kitty or kitties settled in with you sooner rather than later. Foster to adopt may be an option as well. For more information, please contact Robin, or Patsy, To complete an online adoption application, go to

PS: Have you ever wondered what would happen to your pets if something happened to you? Don’t wonder, don’t leave it to chance. Check with your friends and family now and let them know your wishes. Too many cats are put outside or taken to a shelter when someone passes away or goes to a nursing facility. Make provisions now, put it in writing, add it to your will to ensure your desires are carried out as you wish them to be. Offer a monetary amount to provide a stipend for ongoing veterinary care/food. Otherwise, your beloved pet may be left outside to fend for itself or end up in a high kill shelter.

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