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Happy "Lucky Cat Tales"

Thanks to you we’re ending 2022 with very happy "Lucky Cat Tales" to conclude our Fall Call for Care fundraiser. If you haven’t donated yet, don’t worry, there’s still time to make a 2022 gift at, and don’t forget, we’ve got 25 amazing Lucky Cat Fun Packs which will be given to lucky donors after the New Year. All details can be found on the donation page at

We kicked off our Fall Call for Care with some heartwrenching stories of community cats in dire need of help. We’re happy to report these situations have each been addressed with transitions from awful to awesomeness thanks to our incredible volunteers and your financial support.

You saved lives this season, as many of the cats we helped would have never made it through the frigid temperatures we’ve recently experienced. The calls and emails requesting help are still pouring in, but thanks to you, our reserves to financially help those in the direst need have been replenished to continue our mission in 2023.

Happy Endings

Little Ashley was the focus of our most recent plea for help, and thanks to you, the funds needed for her ear surgery were 100% achieved! The outpouring of love and support to save this special kitty was tremendous, and we’re very happy to report her surgery is scheduled for January 2nd. Please keep Ashley in your thoughts and prayers for continued good news in her recovery.


Remember little Roxie? She was the precious little sole survivor found on the side of the road after her mom had been hit by a car. We’re happy to report she was adopted and elevated to Princess Roxie and she's living her new life as a very Lucky Cat in East Hampton, NY.


The emergency call for help at the cat colony on the rural farm is making positive progress. More than 30 cats are going through TNR (trap-neuter-return) from this site. This is also where we trapped the two cats in one trap, which both needed enucleation surgery. It was truly a Christmas miracle that we caught both of the cats with the highest needs in the beginning and in the same trap! Once again, you came through for us, and funds were raised covering both Mystic and Nixie's surgeries.

Your donations have transformed lives of suffering into lives of happiness that only a Lucky Cat can know! See below for a happy after-surgery photo of Mystic and Nixie in their loving foster home.

Mystic and Nixie

In addition to the above site, we were also contacted earlier in the month asking for help at an impoverished trailer park. The volunteer described the scene as “poverty on steroids” with more than 20 cats and kittens as young as one week living in deplorable conditions and needing immediate help.

TNR has begun and we’re removing as many friendly kitties and kittens as possible and working with our adoption partners to find homes for these sweet babies!

See the little orange kitten in the top right above and the little black one below her? Here's a close-up of the orange kitten too.

These two kittens were among the many we removed from the site. They hit the jackpot as they went from very sickly with upper respiratory and eye infections to healthy and living large with their new family in Charlotte. The family named the solid black kitten, Callisto, after a Jupiter moon, and the orange kitten was named Marchello after the Roman General. Now check out their recent photos below. Anyone can see these two sisters are now truly Lucky Cats!



When we checked in with their new Mom, she shared, "They have settled in and taken over our home in the best possible way. Both are lap cats who roll over for belly rubs and purr very loudly. We're the ones who are lucky to have them in our family!"

For anyone who has brought a rescued pet into their home, we certainly agree, we are the lucky ones when we bring care and love to these animals. The bumper sticker slogan, "Who rescued who?" truly says it all. If you are thinking of a new cat in the New Year, please visit our local shelters to find your new friend.

Do you have a "Lucky Cat Tale" to share? We'd love to hear your happy ending too!

Huge thanks to our dedicated volunteers, donors, and friends who spread the word about our important mission. Thanks to you, we’ll be helping many more community cats in 2023!

Happy “Mew” Year and thank you for answering our Fall Call for Care!

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