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You Did This!

Thank you for answering our Fall Call for Care and our emergency request for help. If you haven’t donated yet, we still need you as our medical bills continue to grow due to the many urgent and severe medical needs of these community cats.

These two babies have had their surgeries and we wanted to share an update. Nixie, an 'American Curl' looking female (notice those ears!), and Mystic, a domestic longhair male are now seeing the world in a whole new light thanks to you, our supporters.

We knew Mystic needed immediate medical care but did not know Nixie existed until she ended up in the trap with Mystic. It was divine intervention that we were able to trap these two quickly as they both needed an eye removed, known as enucleation. They also were spayed/neutered and vaccinated so their New Year will truly be a new life as very Lucky Cats.

They are recovering from their surgeries and are in the process of being socialized for adoption with our adoption partners. We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

Thank you for your financial gift to help pay the bills for Nixie and Mystic, and the many community cats we’re providing TNR (trap-neuter-return) services. We’re making a difference and changing lives, one cat at a time, thanks to you!

Please consider an end-of-year gift to help us pay our bills and replenish funds for 2023 community cat care; and don’t forget, every Fall Call for Care donor is also entered to win wonderful prizes!

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