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A New Life for Little Ashley

Thanks to the compassionate donations by "Ashley's Angels," the amazing care by Ashley's foster family, and the skill and expertise of surgical specialist, Dr. Marian Benitez, Ashley is recuperating well from her recent Ventral Bulla Osteotomy (ear polyp-removal surgery). The painful ear polyp, which caused her to walk in circles and experience chronic nausea, was successfully removed on January 2, 2023, and there’s no indication it’s coming back, which is exactly the outcome we had hoped for.

Little Ashley is back to feeling like a kitten and acting like one too!

December 2022, Little Ashley at her foster home with dog friends.
Ashley's and "her" tree.
Little Ashley trying to be good, but the ribbons are just so tempting!

Ashley’s been a busy little kitty since her surgery. She helped take down the Christmas tree while keeping the dogs and her foster family entertained non-stop. An all-around love bug, she likes nothing better than to be close to her human. She is currently obsessed with cell phones and thinks nothing of calling someone in your contacts or sending a bizarre text!

Little Ashley on July 3, 2022

She's come a long way since she was removed from a “feeding not fixing” situation in Mooresville last summer, where the resident moved away leaving the cats to fend for themselves. Ashley was found as a tiny baby kitten of about six weeks old and has remained a small kitten. Currently, she’s nine months old and weighs in at only 5.5 lbs, and stands 9.5” tall from the floor to the top of her back. At this age, it’s likely she’ll remain a perpetual kitten.

Although she’s on antibiotics for an infection discovered in her non-ear polyp ear on the day of surgery, her recovery is going great! Ashley will be ready for adoption in the upcoming weeks through our rescue partner Lake Norman Humane.

Ashley's new life in the New Year wouldn't have been possible without the love and support from our community.

Thank you, and Happy New Year, from all of us at Lucky Cats!

Little Ashley, forever a Lucky Cat, and soon to be ready for her new "Fur-ever Home!"

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